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What about colour?

How long will it take?

What file format should my graphics be in?
Can I do my own artwork? Can I send files as an e-mail attachment?
What if I use a PC? Is photocopying cheaper?
I've never been to a printer before .... Which paper size is which?
Do I have to pay VAT? What if I have a complaint?

What will it cost?

Please see our pricing page - we can't give you a complete price list, nor can any printer, because there are too many factors to take into account, but we will always give you a firm quote before you commit yourself.

How long will it take?

We normally need about five working days from when you approve the proof and give us the go-ahead. That said, it depends on how complicated the job is, the quantity and how busy we are. If you have an important deadline, please talk to us as soon as possible and we will meet it if at all possible and tell you if we can't.

I want to do my own artwork. What software should I use? Can you use my work done in Microsoft Word / CorelDraw / Powerpoint / Microsoft Publisher?

Our preference is for Indesign but we can accept files done in Quark Express (version 4 only), and in fact we open these files in Indesign - a much better application.

Most "office-type" software is not suitable for use in a commercial print environment. If you have used one of these other programmes we will need to reconstruct your job from your printout, which will add to the cost. However it is a useful timesaver to bring us just the text as a Word file, and any graphics (photos etc.) as separate files on disk.

For very straightforward jobs we may be able to scan your work, as long as you bring a clean, sharp laser printout, black on good quality white paper - and you have made sure it is exactly as you want it, including the size and proportions. Original photos are fine, but ink-jet printouts may not be of a sufficiently high quality to reproduce well, especially if they include shades of grey.

If you place a graphic in Microsoft Word, we really need the graphic as a separate image file, otherwise the quality is likely to be poor. If your work is in two colours, we need colour separations - we cannot guarantee to be able to produce separations from a two- or more coloured image.

So, if you want to do your own artwork this may well be fine, but please discuss it with us first.

Important to know: we cannot use Publisher, Coreldraw or Powerpoint files.

I know most designers use Macs, but we're using a PC. Is that OK?

In common with virtually all printers, we run a Macintosh-based prepress system. However, we may be able to import your Indesign or Quark files - please check first. We can also use Word files to save retyping, but they are not usually suitable for printing from directly.

We can only use your fonts if we have the same ones on our system.

I've never been to a printer before, I'm not sure about the jargon or exactly what I want.

We used to be a community printshop - we speak normal English, give you straight answers and are very used to helping people work out what they want and what they can afford - we know about tight budgets. Drop in and see us, you'll find us welcoming and helpful.


We are registered for VAT. This means that if a particular job carries VAT, you have to pay it. If you are VAT-registered, you can probably claim it back from the 'VAT man'. Unfortunately, we can't let you off VAT because you represent a charity, or for any other reason - it is up to you to reclaim it if you are entitled to. VAT in printing is extremely complicated - luckily, we understand it! Basically, stationery carries VAT at 20%, as do posters and various other jobs.

Bulk handouts and flyers are zero-rated - don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!

Photocopying carries VAT, as well as services such as laminating, design if priced separately, and web design. If in doubt, please ask, although we try very hard to make sure we make this clear before you agree to have any work done.

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