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What about colour?

We work in single and spot colour, normally only one or two colours of ink, occasionally three - it is important to know that black is a colour, so a job done in black and red is a two colour job. We don't print on the press in full colour (confusingly, this is also known as 'four colour' or 'process colour') but we can produce colour digital printing, from 30p per single sided A4. There's no limit on quantity for this, but of course it can work out expensive if you need large quantities.

If you make a colour on your inkjet printer it is very unlikely we will have a colour of ink to use on our press that matches!

What file format should my graphics be in?

  • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) - used primarily for "vector" graphics, as created by Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia FreeHand or ...
  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) or ...
  • JPEG if you have photos from a digital camera, although the resolution may not be high enough for a good printed result
  • PDF (Portable Document Format) may well work but ask first please - especially about embedding fonts.

NB just putting the images into a Word file is unlikely to produce anything we can use.

Can I send files as an e-mail attachment?

Yes, but do let us know first, we are reluctant to open unknown attachments, also your files may be too large.


People sometimes ask for this to keep costs down. In fact, for surprisingly small quantities, printing is often cheaper, so please ask. We will always recommend the most suitable and economical method.

Size DOES matter ....

paper sizes The diagram on the left shows the commonest sizes used for publicity material etc.

The front cover of your phone book is A4. Each time the number goes up by one, the size halves, so A5 is half A4 - and A3 is double A4.

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What if I have a complaint?

Of course your statutory rights are unaffected by any of our arrangements for dealing with complaints. We are lucky that these are very, very few, but everyone makes mistakes. We must stress that if you are not happy with our work, you need to let us know within seven days of collecting the work. If we have made a mistake, we always carry out a fast, free reprint - however sometimes an error is not ours, and that is why we ask you to check a proof. We will either produce a physical proof (but not a press proof) or email you a pdf. Once you have checked that, we are not responsible for any mistakes which you didn't spot. If you ring up and ask for a reprint, not mentioning any changes, we don't produce a proof as we assume you want the same job you had done last time.