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In common with almost all printers, we cannot publish prices for every single job, as there are too many variables. However, the prices below are examples of pricing as at 19/9/2014 - the price for any individual job is as we quote you when you contact us, the prices below are liable to change at any time and are not binding.


We will give you a firm, binding quote before we do any work for you and there are NO hidden extras. VAT in printing is very complicated - luckily we understand it and are happy to explain.

Minimum 25 - personalised, can include your own photographs. Cost is £4 each plus VAT.

Please ask for details.

Numbering and perforating

We now offer numbering and perforating. This means we can produce consecutively numbered forms, such as order forms or prescription pads. There is an additional cost as the work must go through a separate machine - prices are similar to folding prices at £15 per thousand for perforating or numbering. This also useful for printing numbers on to programmes, for instance to offer a lucky number prize draw. Perforating is also now possible, in either direction on a sheet, for instance for tear-off return forms. At the moment we can only perforate in one direction on each sheet, all the way across - give us time!

Digital colour copying/printing

Single sided A4 50p (reducing to 30p for 100 or more)
Double sided A4 75p (reducing to 45p for 100 or more)
Single sided A3 75p (reducing to 45p for 100 or more)
Double sided A3 95p (reducing to 70p for 100 or more)
These prices include VAT, and either 80g or 100g paper. Heavier stock extra.
No limit on quantity, except that for large quantities of flyers it will be more economical for us to arrange for them to be litho printed for you.
Please note, artwork extra - this means design but also enlarging, cropping, enhancement of photographs etc.

Black and white photocopying

Single sided A4 15p (8p on 100 or more)
Double sided A4 20p (12p on 100 or more)
Single sided A3 20p (12p on 100 or more)
Double sided A3 30p (15p on 100 or more).
Coloured paper / card - extra charge.

Flyers (single and spot colour litho):

Single sided A4 flyers, black on white: 1,000 £65 5,000 £190 10,000 £300
Double sided A4 flyers, black on white: 1,000 £90 5,000 £275 10,000 £450
Single sided A5 flyers, black on white: 1,000 £50 5,000 £115 10,000 £175

  • coloured paper - small extra charge
  • All flyer prices include basic layout.
  • Folding £15 a thousand.
  • Second colour of ink, other quantities, please enquire.


Letterheads on 100g paper, black ink only : 500 = £50, 1,000= £65, 5,000: £200
Letterheads on 100g paper, black plus one colour of ink: 500 = £66, 1,000 = £80; 5,000 = £230

  • One colour of ink, not black, or two colours not including black - add a flat £15 per order (so could cover both business cards and letterheads)
  • Basic artworkincluded.
  • Specialist/watermarked papers, eg Conqueror, add £30 per thousand.
  • Add VAT

Business cards:

up to 250: £45 black ink, £55 black plus one colour
251 to 500: £50 black ink, £60 black plus one colour
501 to 1000: £60 black ink, £70 black plus one colour

  • Business cards: basic, minimal artwork included.
  • Mixed names available on one order, please ask.
Raffle tickets (draw tickets)
Minimum 1000 = £50 + VAT 5000 = £70 + VAT

Other quantities, please enquire

Please enquire for:

A3 printing, newsletters, booklets, tickets, laminating, web design, compliment slips, envelope printing, posters, document binding, etc. etc.


We reserve the right to ask for payment in advance or a deposit, otherwise you can pay by cash or cheque on collection (sorry, no cards) or on receipt of invoice by arrangement if you represent an organisation. We particularly like payment by BACS (electronic transfer) for established customers - cheaper for us and for you!

Please note, we reserve the right to charge interest at 8% over bank base rate on overdue invoices.


We are not able to deliver and most of our customers collect their finished work. If you require delivery we can arrange that by post or courier and will charge the cost of that delivery to you.

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